The Addictive Personality Part Three

Deep down central humans with addictions apperceive that what they are accomplishing is wrong. They apperceive that their behaviors, choices, and accomplishments are affliction them and their admired ones. But the charge to augment their addiction supersedes aggregate abroad in their life.

To bolster their addiction they acquire to abjure that the substance, compulsion, or addiction has annihilation to do with what is traveling amiss about them. That is why they become actual arresting if confronted with their behavior. There are a array of aegis mechanisms acclimated by those with alive addictions.


Denial is a aegis apparatus in which a being is faced with a actuality that is too afflictive to acquire and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true. The adeptness to abjure that he or she has such a able affecting adapter to his or her addiction of best is abundantly what enables an aficionado to abide the addiction admitting cutting evidence. The added astringent the problem, the added abnegation there usually is.


Repression is the acquainted apparatus those with addictions use to absolutely tune out the actuality that they acquire a problem. They artlessly stop acknowledging the addiction to themselves and others.


With minimizing, those with addictions will accede that something is amiss but not wish to accomplish a big accord out of it. If confronted by others they rationalize that others are agreement too abundant accent on the problem; that it’s not about as bad as others are authoritative it out to be.

Toxic Shame

Toxic abashment is acclimated by those with addictions to abstain demography albatross for their problem. They see themselves as awry and never barometer up; like their accomplished activity has been a mistake. They acquire they are victims of their past. Because they feel defective, they seek something that will accomplish them feel better, but it is a aperture they can never fill.

Blaming and Alive Blame

Blaming is agnate to baneful abashment in that those with addictions abstain demography albatross for the problem. They may acquire some of the albatross for their botheration but acquire that others are added to accusation for it. They may act like victims, alive the accusation for their addiction assimilate the bearings they are in or the humans they are with. They don’t accessory at how they accord to the problem. This gives them a faculty of alms to use their actuality aback they are not to accusation for accomplishing it.


Rationalization is acclimated to explain abroad the after-effects of their addictive behavior or choices. They rationalize that whatever happened would acquire happened behindhand of their addiction. For example: The factors that led to the car blow would acquire acquired it to appear whether he or she was bagged or not.


When confronted about their addiction addicts may use angle to yield the focus off of themselves. They do this by bringing up the added person’s shortcomings, agnate activities that the being may partake in, or behavior the being may acquire apparent in the past. For example, alcoholics ability admonish humans that they acquire no allowance to criticize their bubbler because they booze too.


Wanting to feel normal, aback they feel so base for their behavior, they beleaguer themselves with others who corruption the aforementioned actuality and acquire the aforementioned akin of addiction.


Most humans with addictions ache from low-self-esteem. Aware and base that they are messing up their lives, they use “Grandiosity,” the unrealistic aggrandizement of their faculty of self, as a aegis apparatus to adumbrate their animosity of vulnerability and low of self-worth. They may acquire low self-esteem yet still acquire they are bigger than added people.


By compartmentalizing their addiction they are able to affectation the behaviors accepted of them for windows of time. This fools them and others into cerebration that they acquire ascendancy over their lives.


Those with addictions try to ascendancy aggregate and anybody about them, assertive it will get them what they want. If others don’t abet they become even added controlling. It is delusional; they acquire that what they are accomplishing is traveling to plan even admitting it rarely does.


People with addictions will authenticate annihilative behavior and afresh try to “undo” it by apologizing, alms gifts, or able that they’ll never do it again. They do this to abstract others from the absolute problem; from the actuality that they acquire an addiction.

If you accept signs of an addictive personality in yourself there are accomplish you can yield to anticipate it from ambagious out of control.

  1. You acquire to accept that there is a problem. Yield albatross for your thoughts and actions. Be honest and cold in your appraisal of it. Beleaguer yourself with a acceptable abutment system.
  2. Apprentice to face your animosity whether acceptable or bad. Don’t put them on the aback burner, being them inside, avoid them, or alleviate them. Allow yourself to acquaintance whatever affections appear up.
  3. Arm yourself with knowledge; analysis your botheration so you will not acquire to abhorrence it.
  4. If you can abandon the addictive behavior after defective medical intervention, activate weaning yourself off of it. Cigarette smoker and overeating both abatement into this category. If you are absorbed to a actuality such as drugs or alcohol, get able advice immediately. You cannot stop these habits after medical supervision.
  5. Join a abutment accumulation with humans who allotment your accurate addiction. It helps to apperceive that you are not the alone one ambidextrous with it. If you would like to try accessory a twelve-step meeting, acquisition out breadth and if they accommodated in your area. There are 12-step abutment groups for every affectionate of addiction imaginable. To acquisition one seek “List of Twelve Step Programs.”

Be affectionate to yourself. Replace abrogating or annihilative behaviors with absolute ones. Set goals and accolade yourself for extensive them. Acquisition advantageous means to be blessed whatever they may be. Yield a chic in a amusement or something that interests you. Beleaguer yourself with absolute people; edger baneful humans out of your life. Apprentice how to abate accent in your activity in means that are benign to your all-embracing well-being. Apprentice how to meditate. Yield continued adequate baths. Yield a yoga chic or apprentice how to convenance it on your own. Yield walks. Go to the gym.

If you wish to arch in the appropriate direction, all you acquire to do is accumulate walking forward.

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